Erasmus +

International school project to foster future skills

Working life is under constant changes. At school we try to keep up with the issue: How to prepare pupils for the digitalized working life? How to get them motivated in solving global problems and making innovations in technologies? How to provide pupils with the future working life skills, when the jobs they are going to do, possibly don’t exist yet? 

We are four schools from Finland, Estonia, Italy and Spain. We aim to bring pupils’ skills to the next level. We want to promote critical thinking, creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness and networking. We aim to teach language, multicultural, social and ICT-skills, which carry forward and can help to achieve other skills. Starting in September 2019, pupils in all partner schools learn about future professions and skills needed in working life in many school subjects. They will visit organisations and companies with new innovations or solutions and meet professionals of different fields at the school. 

Each partner school will organize an activity week for 5 visiting pupils and 2 teachers from each participating school. During the week we will concentrate on one field with its signature skills and future prospects. Also, local culture, traditions and the local way of living will become familiar. Our aim is that pupils lose their prejudices and learn multicultural skills in touch with foreign pupils. We are all Europeans and the project brings us closer together and closer to the shared European labor markets.
We will create a multidiciplinary module for teaching future skills. The instructions for the activities will be published under the headline “Material”. They may be used freely in the schools all over the world.
Photos and the results of the project will be published in this magazine. Join us and become a part of the development, a part of the future!
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Italian hosts ready to become future professionals!

From left to right: Lisa, Leonie, Elena, Diego, Lara, Ben, Sara, Samuel, Samira, Patrik, Laura, Araf, Ruth and Mattia (one host is missing from the picture: Nicol)

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